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Britney Spears
Birth Date
December 02, 1981
Birth Place
Kentwood, La.

Pop superstardom began for Britney Spears in 1998 when she sported Lolita-like pigtails and naughty schoolgirl garb for “...Baby One More Time.” Since then, she has become her own industry, generating record-shattering sales and iconic music videos and performances.
Although Spears initially promoted a good girl image, she lost her much publicized virginity to former N’SYNC-er Justin Timberlake before her 55-hour Las Vegas marriage to childhood pal Jason Alexander in 2004.

That same year, she married backup dancer Kevin Federline, which produced two sons and a 2006 divorce. Spears hit the party scene to an extreme and exhibited some bizarre behavior that led to a rollercoaster stint in rehab.

While enduring a well-publicized custody battle with Federline, Spears broke under pressure in 2008, lost custody of her sons, and ended up in (and out) of hospital under mental lockdown, as her parents battled Spears’ constant confidant Sam Lutfi over who decides what is best for Spears.

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