Justin Randall Timberlake was born on 31th January 1981in Memphis,Tennessee. This musically historical place had already produced musical idols like Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. This cute boy was given the nickname ” Curly “. Justin gained his first stage experience through various talent shows. When he was twelve he was discovered at an audition for the ” Mickey Mouse Club ” kids show. He moved with his mother to Orlando, where he not only gained more showbiz experience but also got to know JC.
Curly is the natural comic in the group and he takes enormous pleasure in making others laugh. This skill is only aided by his ability to act goofily. As well as being an excellent dancer and talented musician Justin is also very sporty. His favourite sport is basketball but, because of his hectic schedule with ‘N SYNC he has admittedly little time to devote to his hobby.

Advanced for his age, Justin is a purposeful and ambitious young man, who knows exactly what he wants. This must explain why, despite all the stress, he still has enough energy to successfully continue his schooling through a special correspondence course for young artists. His favourite subjects are maths and physics.

At the beginning of ‘N SYNC’s career, on those rare occasions when he made a mistake during the dance routines, this smart young man, being the perfectionist that he is, often reacted by pulling sweet, tormented faces. As frontman alongside JC, he carries a heavy load on his young ( albeit broad ) shoulders being the main focus for the cameras. His likeable, friendly smile has captured the hearts of the majority of ‘N SYNC fans. Despite his great success Justin remains modest and can’t quite come to terms with his effect on girls. He simply can’t understand why the fans become speechless when he looks at them.

IDEAL WOMAN : ” She definitely has to have a sense of humor. But she has to be intelligent. I want to be able to talk to her. I guess I want just an all – over picture. Everyone deserves the best and everyone has somebody out there for them. The first thing I notice is the way she presents herself and carriers herself. If she’s confident, then she’s true to herself, and that’s something that attracts me to a girl. “