Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

1. Paris Hilton admitted to Vanity Fair that she often hears the clicking noises of cameras even when there are no photographers around.

2. Because she resembles Mother Teresa, Paris Hilton was placed on a short list to play the Nobel Peace Prize winner in a biopic by Indian film director T. Rajeevnath in 2006.

3. In 2007, Paris Hilton was hailed as a hero after “rescuing” a little person injured as part of an Oompa Loompa act in Miami. After an unruly crowd accidentally shoved performer Robin Sherwood into a metal stage support that sliced open his leg, Hilton screamed for help and held Sherwood’s hand until he was taken away by an ambulance.

4. Paris Hilton told Canada’s National Post that she’d spend her last five dollars on a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

5. Among the tongue-in-cheek “Paris-isms” she relayed to wannabe heiresses in her autobiography: “Eat sushi because the coolest and best people eat sushi.

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