Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof, is the second daughter of Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates. She is a socialite and media figure in the UK.

Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof

Peaches’ sisters are Fifi (born 1983) and Pixie (born 1990), and she also has a younger half-sister, Tiger (born 1996). Peaches resides in Chelsea with her family. In 2006, she sat AS-level exams in History Of Art, Classical Civilisation, Politics, and English at Queen’s College, London and plans to study English and Journalism at New York University.

Life in the spotlight
Peaches starred in her own reality TV programme, Peaches Geldof: Teenage Mind in 2005, which was followed up with Peaches Geldof: Teen America, which aired on Sky One in the UK on March 1st 2006. Peaches is currently making a documentary on eating disorders for Tonight with Trevor McDonald, and has made a documentary on Islam. She has also penned a number of columns for The Daily Telegraph and ELLEgirl magazine.

In 2006, Peaches was placed at number seven in the Tatler’s list of “Top Ten Fashion Icons” for the year. She was the youngest person on the list.

Some commentators have suggested that Peaches’ well-publicised and (to some) premature progression from childhood to young adulthood did not necessarily set young people a good example. Pete Doherty blamed his poor performance at 2005’s Live 8 concert on Peaches making a “suggestive” comment to him shortly before he went onstage, which the teenager denies.

Peaches and friend Fifi Brown make up a DJ-ing duo known as “Trash Pussies”. Peaches also DJs with Saint Frederick Blood-Royale as part of self-styled ‘soundtrack collective’ “The New Testament Party Crew”.