They’re heartthrobs and genuinely talented artists, they’re sexy young guys living their dream. They’ve emerged on the world scene of music and made everyone fall in love with them, their songs and their positive attitude to life. They’ve gone through highs and lows but managed to save what’s really important – they’re brothers, and it’s more than just blood ties. For them, it has always been about the music.


The Jonas Brothers is a boy trio consisting of three brothers, Kevin Jonas, 21, Joe Jonas, 19, and Nick Jonas, 16, who’ve become a music world sensation and pop culture phenomenon just within a year and a half. Already now they’re cited as one of the most popular teen groups of the 2000s and compared to McFly, Hanson, and the Modern Lovers, all famous for catchy anthems. They state they’re not like the rest, and millions of fans are ready to prove that’s true with largest concert venues sold out and top iTunes rates for JB singles.

“They’ve got fizzy harmonies, punchy power chords and sugary choruses that bounce off the walls.”

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Oprah Winfrey compared the Jonas Brothers mania to that of the Beatles.

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