Lauren Conrad or Lauren Katherine Conrad (born February 1, 1986) often referred to as “L.C.”, is an American television personality, actress, celebutante, and an aspiring fashion designer. She is best known for being featured in the MTV reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and for her spin-off show, The Hills, which follows her personal and professional life as she pursues a career in the fashion industry.

lauren conrad

lauren conrad


Ah, kids these days. Living in giant houses in LA, driving around in Hummers, spending most of their time at shopping malls with their massive discretionary spending accounts. Hosting award ceremonies, getting paid huge sums to show up at club openings even though they’re too young to touch alcohol. Going on to be fashion designers and DJ’s and models and actors. Getting extorted by their rehab-bound, sex tape toting ex-boyfriends, falling asleep on massive piles of Texas Booger Sugar. Ah, kids these days.

Life Story

Conrad’s interest in fashion design began at a very young age, when a neighbor taught her to draw and helped her make clothes for her Barbie doll. Isn’t that fucking cute? This passion led her to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Conrad attended for one semester but eventually transferred to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she currently majors in product development.

Conrad landed an internship at Teen Vogue while filming season one of The Hills. According to Lisa Love, the West Coast editor of Vogue who evaluated Conrad for the internship position, the reality star had to interview successfully in order to get the job, “regardless of what the cameras wanted.”